Recruitment Opportunities/Policy Generally

First who – then what?

Jim Collins in Chapter 4 of his best-selling book “Good to Great” recognised that a key element in converting
a business from good to great was “getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus)”

AccuVest (Mackay) is the cumulative result of over 120 man years of effort. We have a commitment to Kaizen,
or continually raising the bar (our service standard.)

We have only A Graders on the bus

If you:
  • Have a desire to help others and be recognised and appreciated for that help
  • Have a desire to play a key role in a successful team
  • Have unblemished ethics
  • Have complementary skills and ambition to hold equity in an AFS license
  • Are comfortable with intellectual challenge
  • Already live in or have a desire to reside in the best part of the best State in Australia
    – especially if you enjoy fishing and sailing
  • Want to be in a business that charts its own course with the client’s interest at top of mind

Please register your interest along with a detailed resume to
For the right person we may create a job – if a vacancy doesn’t exist.