AccuVest (Mackay) is a multidisciplinary team, passionately committed to delivering the highest quality of ongoing, professional, financial planning advice to discriminating individuals and families.

Unlike most other financial planning businesses, the business including the financial services license is owned by its employees. This provides us with the widest possible latitude to act as an ideal mentor and coach.

Geographical remoteness is not a liability. Our clients are spread far and wide with remote meetings often employing current technology to provide all the advantages of a normal face to face meeting. On the other hand, what better reason could you have for the occasional tax deductible trip to one of the best jumping off points to the World Renowned Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands.

By designing our business to be able to provide the service to others that we would have provided to ourselves if the roles were reversed, we usually find ourselves becoming the key professional adviser to our clients: the generalist, the strategist, and specialist in key roles, that calls upon or encourages the use of other professionals as need be, in a cost effective manner.

For most clients we provide comprehensive financial planning advice.

We are conservative by nature. It is our view that it is at least as important not to lose money in big licks, as it is to have your portfolio do well in the good times.

We are very conscious that magnification of risk by approaches such as double gearing, work well while markets prosper but may destroy all past benefit in extreme market conditions.

At AccuVest we specialise in advising small business owners, professionals including Medical Practitioners and Specialists and those contemplating or in retirement. Most of our clients currently have little or no debt and on average they have in excess of $1 million under our advice.

We also provide service to clients’ extended families and to individuals & families who can demonstrate a strong desire to accumulate financial assets in excess of $1 million within the foreseeable future.

Estate & Retirement Planning

It is probably no surprise, that people with more financial wealth have a stronger interest in effecting better outcomes from the use of that wealth after their death.
Early in this business we observed a very high frequency of surprises, once we had a clear view of a client’s balance sheet (particularly the form of ownership of assets) and the contents of their Wills. Let me assure you, that clients were often more surprised than us.We observe that less than optimal ownership of assets leads to less than optimal financial outcomes while you are alive; and that unless your Will properly recognises the form in which you control your assets (and the Will-maker does as well), it is very easy to create surprises and sub-optimal outcomes after death.
This business usually prepares Will strategies that are easily readable and understandable for clients. which we then provide to solicitors with a genuine interest in the area.
It is a fallacy to assume that all solicitors (or financial planners for that matter) have a genuine interest and proficiency in this area.An important element of the regular review process is assistance with the maintenance of the client’s Wills, which are considered whenever material changes of ownership or circumstances occur.

Portfolio Placement & Management

Others purport to be single independent advisers and yet place all or most client investments onto a platform or wrap service or an independently managed account service. We do not. At the scale of our business, we have recognised that there are savings to be made for our clients by much of the necessary administration being done locally. This materially widens the range of investments available to considered and enables efficiencies in managing client’s total cost, which usually has four components; cost of advice, transaction cost, other investment management cost and administration cost including preparation of information for tax purposes and the compliance requirements for Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs). While we assist clients make many transactions and are well placed to do this very cost effectively, in most cases our own remuneration is not impacted by those transactions or influenced by the nature of the recommendations we provide. Our fee arrangements with clients are always agreed to in advance.We are very sensitive to the fact that you don’t need surprises in this area. Fees will usually be set at an agreed rate; usually for an initial three year period, and then reviewed annually; or alternatively, be aligned with the outcomes of our advice, on a basis which is agreed upon before implementation of advice.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This will usually embrace all aspects of your financial life, starting from identifying and challenging your goals, assessing your current circumstances (particularly your consolidated balance sheet and cash flow), evaluating your current strategies to achieve your goals, in the context of the alternatives available to you.

Our financial planners are:

  • all university trained.
  • have complementary skills,
  • work with their support staff as a team
  • have a wide range of life experience and
  • will call on each other’s skills and the skills of external experts

Our Relationship with Clients

We believe that better outcomes are the result of a team commitment & knowledge – not just blind trust

We are client-centric and unashamedly in the advice business, not the product distribution business. (http://whatisgoodinvestmentadviceinaustralia.blogspot.com/ )

We pride ourselves in being able to reduce legislative and organisational complexity into digestible and manageable, simplicity.

AccuVest uses many nautical analogies. We are used to our clients playing back to us “We know that you don’t control the wind … (refer positioning statement)

As to our relationship with clients, if you are considering becoming one…

  • We take pride
  • We recognise
  • We aspire
  • in using knowledge and experience to reduce legislative complexity – into workable and communicable simplicity!
  • that when it comes to money, there is no such thing as a silly question!
  • to be your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – but we will always remember that you remain the Shareholder and the Board.
Or rephrased for the more nautically minded. . .
  • We know
  • you are the skipper,
  • you will continue to own the boat,
  • you will determine the course,
  • you will always have control,
  • you can assume the helm anytime you like, and we would be honoured, to serve at your right hand, as tactician and navigator.