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We strategise and support your short and long term financial goals.


We provide insights and knowledge to secure you and your family’s financial future.


We build supportive relationships and assist families in creating intergenerational wealth.

What AccuVest can do for you

The AccuVest Difference

The AccuVest difference comes from our understanding of the ongoing challenges of our changing world and the importance of a trusted team when it comes to matters of taxation, structuring, superannuation, investing, estate and retirement planning, and intergenerational wealth.

Our Services

Plan. Invest. Manage.

We offer a range of wealth building and management services to meet your financial goals. With AccuVest you will receive insight and strategic viewpoint from trusted and highly qualified advisers.

1. Financial Management

Our holistic, personalised and simplified financial advice creates a solid foundation for the financial success of you, your business and your family.

2. Investment Management

Investment management brings with it great responsibilities so we act as a trusted adviser, partner and risk assessor in this process.

3. Structuring & Taxation

Having professionals provide tailored taxation and structuring advice can make a real difference when it comes to achieving your business and personal wealth goals.

4. Multi Family Office

Since no two family groups are the same, our Family Office clients benefit from our boutique multi-generational approach to wealth creation.

5. Estate Planning

Having a comprehensive plan that puts you in control of your assets and address your current intensions to protect your family, business and assets.

6. Retirement Planning

Our focus is assisting clients in a range of wealth management strategies to ensure that they are able to seamlessly transition from work to the retirement lifestyle they desire.

Successful client stories

“It is now eight months since we retired and we are loving our new lifestyle. It occurred to me that had we not engaged your services in 2007, we would not be in this position of comfort and financial security and we would most certainly still be slaving away at the coal face. Thanks very much to you and your team of fantastic people. To say we are grateful is an understatement.”

G & J - (New South Wales)

“Your stewardship of my affairs is the best. ‘Thank you’ hardly seems enough. But you have always seen to my best interests and I can only say your care for my super fund over the years has resulted in feeling confident enough to do what I am doing now.”

J - (Queensland)

“My husband and I have been working with AccuVest for more than 15 years. We were in our early 20s when we started investing with AccuVest and starting so early is one of the best decisions that we have made in our life. We have consulted with the team on all of our major life decisions and are very happy with the results. This has helped us to be clear on what we want for our family and to ensure that our decisions support these things. We would highly recommend AccuVest to our family and friends.”

M & M - (Queensland)

“From years of consulting with bank managers to researching potential financial planners and then engaging with a financial planner for a period of time we eventually changed to a team of skilled personnel at AccuVest. Over a 16 year period, AccuVest have demonstrated an ability to provide comprehensive financial planning involving portfolio placement and risk management. Pre and post retirement planning was also effectively planned and managed, resulting in overall consistent and at time, substantial portfolio performance. Utilising the service of this professional and friendly AccuVest financial management team has allowed us to focus on our preferred tasks in life. Due to AccuVest not being a part of a large corporation, their capacity of covering diverse areas of financial management and delivering consistent portfolio performance, as well as estate planning, gives us comfort in continuing our association with this firm.”

G & A - (Queensland)
Our Process

How AccuVest can get you from A to B

Our process is based on clarifying and achieving our clients’ financial and life goals. We manage risk, provide peace of mind and reduce complexity to workable simplicity.

1. Introduction phone call

We’ll get to know you, your business, family, financial situation, goals and plans for your financial future.

2. Collation of documents

We’ll take this opportunity to collate relevant documentation so we have a clear picture of your financial situation.

3. Strategy meeting

We’ll more clearly define your short and long-term goals and develop options, solutions and strategies.

4. Coordination

We’ll act as your personal Chief Financial Officer and coordinate with your professional advisers to implement the best structure and foundation for the future

5. Implementation

We’ll set the course towards your financial goals through implementation of a comprehensive strategy.

6. Ongoing reviews

We’ll continue to work together to review your strategy, whilst providing ongoing support.

The AccuVest Story

Where the complex sets sail for calmer waters

The AccuVest team believe in tailored and holistic solutions to simplify complex issues. We build supportive long-term relationships and serve as your compass in navigating wealth for life.

AccuVest provides a boutique approach to wealth planning and management for clients across Australia. As your trusted advisers, we’re here to ensure your financial decisions and investments are made in an informed manner and are consistent with your short and long objectives.

Our Team

Meet our experts

Our team is committed to providing advice to clients that we would have given to ourselves if the roles were reversed.

Peace of Mind

We provide peace of mind and allow clients to focus on what is important in their lives.


Our team is dedicated to building and maintaining client relationships, for the long-term.


We provide clients the confidence to become captains of their own ships.

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